Aliments et Nutraceutiques

Chlorophyll (Sodium Copper)
Cricket Powder
The planet’s most sustainable super-food. Canadian origin. Conventional and Organic types available.

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Durian powder
Gellan gum
Glucosamine HCL/Sulfate
Lycopene 5%, 10%
Macaroon mix

PS00284 Macaroon Quick Base 10 lb case
PS00285 Macaroon Quick Base 25 lb case


  • Gluten-free (made with almond meal)
  • Trans fat-free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Certified Kosher dairy
  • Designed to create delicious macaroon cookies in just 5 minutes that are the perfect combination of soft and chewy with a hard, smooth shell.


Matcha (certifié Organique)

Fabriqué à partir des jeunes feuilles du thé vert moulues à la pierre et séchées, de la plante Camellia sinensis. Il est d’une couleur verte émeraude, avec un arôme rafraîchissant et riche en antioxydants, en particulier le Polyphénol.<

Usages principaux : Crème glace, boissons, latte, produits de boulangerie, cookies, tartes, confections, yaourt, gâteaux, desserts, glaçage, macarons français, puddings, garnitures, liqueurs, et des barres nutritives.

Monk fruit (Conventional & Organic)

Cultivated in the sub-tropical mountainous regions of Guilin, China, a 100% natural and low calorie sweetener, widely used in food/beverage, bakery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and personal care industry.

Benefits: USDA Organic, GRAS, Non-GMO Project

*The information provided above have not been evaluated by the USFDA nor Health Canada and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.

Natural colors/sweeteners
Oolong tea (Organic)
Sodium Cyclamate (NF or BP)